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Custom/White Label Expert Network

By Harry Green @academicexpert
    2022-11-17 20:17:06.641Z

    Hello, I'm interested in creating a small bespoke expert network. I'd prefer to build using a white label/ software license with a pre-built and hosted expert network platform solution. Deepbench appears to offer this. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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    1. Max Friberg @MaxInex
        2024-01-15 07:36:58.395Z

        Inex One offers part of the tech required to run an expert network: everything from recruiting experts to interacting with the client, and - in a couple weeks - a full-blown expert database.
        You may want to add tech to expedite payments to experts worldwide. That's beyond the scope of our offering.

        If you're interested in the Inex One tech, please contact us on the chat on:

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