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Which expert forums are focussed on sustainability ?

By Abhishek Agrawal @abhi97601
    2022-01-22 12:23:31.903Z

    I would like to know any exert forums for sustainability . I am an expert in Sustainability consulting. Hence was trying to do same

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    1. Max Friberg @MaxInex
        2022-02-14 23:27:31.596Z

        Hi Abhishek, I don't know of any expert network that is explicitly focused on sustainability topics. However, I can imagine that sustainability topics are increasingly popular for research.

        I would recommend you to check out the Expert Network Directory to find firms that allow you to sign up as an expert. This may increase your likelihood of being recruited for a project. You might also like this set of Advice for Experts in Expert Networks here. I hope this helps!

        1. Abhishek Agrawal @abhi97601
            2022-03-03 07:09:14.764Z

            Thanks Max

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