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What is a good consulting rate for AlphaSights?

By Max Friberg @MaxInex
    2021-10-12 17:28:58.933Z

    (This was originally a Quora answer, moved here when that platform had a period of downtime)

    The compensations vary greatly between different projects. It depends on the scarcity of your expertise and the urgency of the project, among other things.

    Most experts seem to charge between $100 to $500 per hour. However, the compensation can be even higher for top level executives, and some experts don’t charge anything at all, as they simply enjoy having a conversation on the industry they are knowledgeable about.

    A high rate might lead to fewer calls, but often the decisive factor for clients who choose whether to select you among all the expert profiles provided by AlphaSights or not is how accurately your expertise corresponds to their specific needs, not the price.

    I wrote a blog post for experts providing consultation via expert networks: Advice for experts in expert networks. It discusses the compensation more in detail and gives other good tips about making the most out of being an AlphaSights (or any other network’s) expert.

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