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I just wrote a MASSIVE guide to expert network consulting. Would love your feedback!

By Mitchel @expertopportunities
    2021-01-30 21:02:52.110Z

    Hi there!

    My name's Mitchel, and by day I run marketing teams at some prominent fintech and insuretech firms in the United States, which have given me some great perspective on how those industries are rapidly evolving. Alongside that, I've been participating in expert network calls and projects for about a dozen years, completing nearly 200 assignments along the way for every major expert network and quite a few up-and-comers.

    I'm a big fan of this industry.

    1. Most of the calls that I do are highly engaging. It's a nice opportunity to organize your thoughts about what's going on in your market and how you think things will play out, plus it's always nice to be considered an 'expert' by someone who really values your insights.
    2. The convenience is fantastic - so many people have side hustles that wind up being all-consuming time sucks, while with expert network consulting you parachute in for an hour and then your work is done. No selling, no follow up, and you don't need to chase anyone down for payment. Plus, it always brings a sly grin to my face when I'm able to compete a call while holed up in a conference room at my day job!
    3. Yeah, the money's pretty awesome. I bill out at $500/hour with most expert networks and am occasionally working on projects that pay even higher rates. It's certainly not going to fund my retirement, but I'm bringing in an extra $5,000 - $7,000 per year in really 'easy' money.

    With all of this, I've become a pretty big evangelist for getting involved in the industry and have helped dozens of friends and colleagues get started. With the combination of Covid and winter weather leaving me with too much time on my hands, I decided finally sit down and write out everything I know and have figured out on starting and building an expert network consulting practice.

    Three weeks and thousands of words later, I anxiously present to you The Ultimate Guide to Expert Networks.

    I'd really love any feedback on how I can make this the best resource that it can be. What did I miss? What isn't clear? What am I a bit wrong about?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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