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Which expert networks are pay-per-use?

By @dorigoevans
    2021-01-12 12:35:02.953Z2021-01-13 12:06:05.409Z

    I have been in touch with a few big expert network firms and it looks like the industry standard is to offer prepaid call bundles to clients. That doesn't really work for my team as we are only planning to use expert consultation services occasionally. Are there any expert networks out there which allow pay-per use? Thanks?

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      Philip Stahl Hansen @PhilipInex
        2021-01-28 09:22:31.148Z

        Hi @dorigoevans

        Sure, there are multiple expert networks from across the globe, offering calls pay-as-you-go. In order to recommend one or several expert network, I would need to understand your focus in terms of geographies and industries?

        Inex One would be a good solution for your team, as you get access to multiple experts networks from across the globe, on a pay-as-you-go contract.

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