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Tips for receiving quality/relevant experts from ENs?

By Simon Fahlander @Fahlander.simon
    2021-01-07 23:43:18.954Z

    What are some tips for expert network users to ensure relevant and quality experts during initial procurement process?

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      Philip Stahl Hansen @PhilipInex
        2021-01-28 09:09:32.091Z

        Hi Simon,

        There are three key elements that help to make sure that you receive relevant experts from ENs:

        1. Describe your request in a detailed way and let the ENs know what exactly you are looking for. Always remember to specify the geographical scope of your project, which companies you want the experts to have experience from, what level of seniority they should have and which topics they must be able to discuss.

        2. Take some time to speak to the expert network on the phone and answer any additional questions they may have. This really helps them to calibrate the search from the beginning.

        3. Keep updating the expert network on the progress of the project and give feedback. Once you receive the first profiles, tell the expert network if they are on the right track or ask them to adjust the search angle. Don’t disappear during the period between launching the project with them and making the first interviews – they result will be much better if you continue communicating throughout the recruitment process. Also, communicate change of scope as soon as possible.

        These three steps should ensure that you get the best possible list of experts from the networks.

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