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Big Pharma Finance consulting - which expert network?

By @Adario
    2021-01-06 15:14:14.089Z

    I work in Big Pharma finance and I would like to do this industry-specific consulting on my spare time. Which expert network should I join to get the consulting gig requests?

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      Philip Stahl Hansen @PhilipInex
        2021-01-28 09:11:32.306Z

        Hi Adario,

        All the large expert networks regularly work with pharma projects and recruit people like you. A good place to start would be to register yourself into the expert databases of the Big 4 networks – GLG, Alphasights, Third Bridge and Guidepoint. You would also have a good chance at getting gig requests from networks that specialize in life sciences projects – Atheneum, DeepBench, and First Thought are the first ones that come to mind.

        But you should note that most of the recruiting that expert networks do happens through LinkedIn. So perhaps the most important piece of advice would be to make your LinkedIn profile visible and to add clear descriptions of your past and current roles. This will ensure that whenever any expert network is looking for someone with your skills, you will be noticed.

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