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What are the best expert networks to work for?

By Francesca @FMR
    2021-01-06 12:56:35.613Z2021-01-06 13:20:29.023Z

    Which expert networks offer the best pay and decent work/life balance? What perks can you expect working there? Which expert network would look best on a CV?

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      Simon Fahlander @Fahlander.simon
        2021-01-07 23:50:23.190Z

        Not sure which ENs pay the best or have the best perks, but the networks with the most name recognition that come to mind are GLG, Guidepoint, AlphaSights, and Thirdbridge. In terms of quality of service however, there are many all around the world that provide a great service to their clients and are positioned to compete with some of the name brand networks. Often times, the networks with the most name recognition have simply been around the longest and have more employees than the rest.

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