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Experienced associate at CPA firm - wondering about applicability of expert network services

By @danielcpa
    2021-01-06 12:27:11.033Z

    Hi, title says it all - I have a few years experience working at a CPA firm. My experience has been that the existing knowledge and guidance made available from my firm is often lacking in specificity to the questions I tend to have.

    I am thinking ahead and wondering if I should bring up the possibility of using expert network services to my manager as an alternative to existing guidance when it is lacking. Does this idea make sense? Are inex services equipped for that? How can I convince my manager to consider the idea?


    Daniel the CPA

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      Liam Sturges @liamsturges
        2021-01-08 09:26:16.509Z

        Hi @danielcpa , my pitch to your manager would be the following: Expert network services, such as the ones you can access via Inex One, will help you find answers to issues you cannot solve internally. It is as easy as that. Simply write down the questions you want answered together with the ideale person (education / company background, work experience / seniority etc.) to answer them. The whole service is pay-as-you go and launching a project doesn't cost anything. So there is virtually no financial risk involved for your manager to give us a try!

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