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Do you have any good strategies for taking notes during expert calls?

By @gediminas
    2020-11-26 12:52:15.173Z

    How to combine listening, asking questions and note-taking during an expert call?

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      Bemnet Adefrcis @Duiap67
        2020-12-31 17:56:28.264Z

        Multiple strategy existing in calling expert
        1)available projects and their options on hand while solving the cases in first hand
        2)making expert wittenessing to get professional engineering solution or expert to become engaged with active projects with timing there credits and pay them well with keeping national position and CPDs active whlie getting chances to become active engineering or their professional options wider

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          In reply togediminas:
          Simon Fahlander @Fahlander.simon
            2021-01-07 23:38:19.487Z

            There are multiple different strategies in order to make it easier to take good notes while conducting an expert call. First and foremost is to structure an interview guide in a way that lends itself to note taking (e.g., space between questions, ordered questions etc). Also feel free to ask the expert to take a pause or repeat what they said. Lastly and most importantly, always re-read your notes after a call to fill in any gaps you missed or clarify any statements while the interview is fresh in your head.

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